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Our Services

Cloud Computing

Moving Your Organization into the Future:

Business Operational Concepts (BOC) understands that companies need to operate at any scale with speed, agility and security. They must have immediate and easy access to their Information Technology (IT) resources, from anywhere, at any time.

Service Desk

We know that different organizations have different needs for their Help Desks. That’s why we use the Service Desk model. We combine technical expertise and problem-solving capabilities with a concentration on customer service. Whether your Help Desk needs are expansive, involving your overall IT infrastructure, or contained, centering on employees’ daily tasks (such as logging in and using their applications), we bring a philosophy of focused customer service to every interaction.

Program & Project Management

The One-Stop Program and Project Command Center:

At Business Operational Concepts (BOC), we staff program managers and project managers who are up-to-date on the latest management philosophies and tactics. They are all experienced with the industry-standard requirements of the Project Management Institute (PMI) and the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). Our focus, however, is on how they can use their knowledge to help you.

Network Operations

BOC’s Focus on Network Operations and System Administration:

Your network and the systems connected to it are the framework that supports your Information Technology (IT) capabilities. To ensure that your employees are successful, it is crucial to develop, document, implement, and manage an efficient and secure network, as well as maintain and optimize the applications associated with it.

Technical Writing

What Would a Technical Writer Do for Us?

If you’re thinking about bringing a technical writer into your organization, you probably already have some documentation needs in mind—for example, you may already know that you need documents such as user guides, standard operating procedures, service plans, and system administration guides. We’re here to help: Business Operational Concepts (BOC) provides a full range of documentation services for all of your current needs.

Asset Management

Planning for Success with Asset Management:  

Tracking and managing your assets is critical for controlling your Information Technology (IT) environment, as well as maintaining security, establishing operational efficiency, and ensuring overall organizational success. At Business Operational Concepts (BOC), we staff experienced, certified consultants who are skilled in the design, implementation, and maintenance of enterprise IT asset management (ITAM) solutions.

License Management

Making the Licensing Process Work for You!
At Business Operational Concepts (BOC), we understand that you can spend an enormous amount of time and energy managing rising Information Technology (IT) costs, such as those associated with hardware and software licenses. Whether your organization is just getting started or involves a larger enterprise, strong license management is vital to your business strategy and has a significant impact on your overall IT expenditures.

Endpoint Engineering

Making Strong Connections:  

Your network is only as strong as the devices connected to it. Every node and login point must be secure. At Business Operational Concepts (BOC), we understand the need to make your IT infrastructure cohesive, strengthening the role of each device or endpoint, so that your employees can engage in efficient collaboration and produce their desired results. 

Cyber Security

Digital Defenses and Beyond: Protection for Your Employees, Assets, and Reputation at Business Operational Concepts (BOC), we understand the complexities of maintaining large-scale, up-to-date IT environments, complexities that inevitably impact security. That’s why our cyber security experts employ multiple levels of defense for your employees and assets, mitigating all possible methods of intrusion and protecting the reputation of your organization.

Datacenter Operations

Your Answer to Data Access, Integrity, and Continuity:  

Managing the Modern Datacenter:  In Information Technology (IT), data is all-important. Everything that your organization does depends on your ability to access and use it, not to mention trust that it is accurate and secure. With Business Operational Concepts (BOC), you can have the peace of mind that comes with a comprehensive strategy for managing your datacenter operations.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

We assist government agencies achieve their missions by addressing today's most difficult challenges: improving customer experiences, increasing operational efficiencies, maintaining the highest security amidst constant cyber threats, enhancing decision making and accelerating innovations. 

Learn more on how BOC can provide seamless integration for all your environment needs.


Download the white paper specific to your area(s) of interest below. 

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